The Hendyamps Studio

Hendyamps offers mastering services? What in the world?
Well, as it turns out, Chris Henderson loves music and being in the studio.
In fact, every piece of studio gear he has ever designed came as a result of his desire to fill a need in his quest for sonic bliss.
As a result, Chris does take certain mastering projects from artists and labels that have a strong desire to produce music that is both outstanding in creativity and sonic quality.
To inquire about availability/pricing please contact us

Nominated for 2017 Independent Music Awards
Artists Include: Tucker Beathard, Sunny Sweeney, Jeff Hyde, Travis Meadows, and

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Chris uses a large array of custom Hendyamps gear for his mastering setup, all of which is completely customized to fit his tastes and needs.
In fact, it is not unusual for Chris’ mastering sessions to include a soldering iron if he needs
his gear to perform in a different manner to meet a client’s needs. He gets kind of obsessive like that.

Chris also likes to do some tracking/mixing from time to time as well as evidenced by much of the following list.
If you are interested in working with Chris on a project please contact us



Monitor Controller
Crane Song Avocet II


EQ’s/Signal Enhancement
Multiple Modded Hendyamps Michelangelo's
(tube and solid state)
Multiple Modded Hendyamps Da Vinci's
Modded Hendyamps Analog Stage

Multiple Modded Hendyamps Pollock's
Modded Hendyamps Van Gogh
Neve Portico
Safe Sound Audio Toolbox
SSL Bus Compressors
Custom Hendyamps Tube Opto Compressors
DBX Compressors

Multiple Modded Hendyamps Rembrandt's
Multiple Modded Hendyamps Picasso's
Multiple Modded Hendyamps Mosaic's
Multiple Modded Hendyamps Warhol's
Multiple Modded Hendyamps Caravaggio's
Multiple Modded Hendyamps Monet's
Other assorted custom designs

Lauten Atlantis
Custom original Hendyamps Tube LDC's
Custom original Hendyamps Mosfet LDC's
Multiple Custom built FET LDC's
Mojave MA200's
Telefunken AK-47
Advanced Audio LDC
Blue Baby Bottle
Multiple Sure Sm7's
Multiple Sure Beta 87A's
Sennheiser 421
Multiple Sm57's
Multiple Shure and Sennheiser dynamic mics

Hendyamps Little Gorilla's
Hendyamps Abelard
Hendyamps Capone
Hendyamps Charlemagne
Hendyamps Legion
Other assorted custom designs
2x12 V30/Hendyamps Speaker
1x12’s with V30 and Hendyamps Speakers
1x8 open back old clock radio
Several pedals like Eventide, Boss, and custom boosts

Chris is kind of obsessed with tubes…you might have noticed.

Hendyamps Studio
Mosaic - Channel Strip
Warhol - Channel Strip
Picasso - Channel Strip
Da Vinci - Channel Strip
Van Gogh - Compressor
Michelangelo - Stereo EQ
Pollock - Stereo Compressor
Legion - Guitar Amp and Mic Preamp
Capone - Guitar Amp and Mic Preamp
Charlemagne - Guitar Amp and Mic Preamp
Abelard - Guitar Amp and Mic Preamp
Amp Switcher

Hendyamps Amplifiers
Minion - Stereo 1w Guitar Amp
Little Gorilla - 10w Guitar Amp
Legion - 1w Guitar Amp and Mic Preamp
Capone - 1w Guitar Amp and Mic Preamp
Charlemagne - 1w Guitar Amp and Mic Preamp
Abelard - 1w Guitar Amp and Mic Preamp
Amp Switcher

Hendyamps Media