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Feel free to click on the links below in order to hear some samples of the gear in action.

- Charlemagne 1 - This is an example of the Charlemagne being used with a Tele and covering the full range of clean to crunchy.

- Charlemagne 2 - Charlemagne can cover a wide range of styles and tones. This illustrates the crunchy side.

Charlemagne 3 - Charlemagne can cover a wide range of styles and tones. This illustrates the light side

- Charlemagne 4 - Charlemagne can cover a wide range of styles and tones. This illustrates some of the lead tones available.

- Capone and Charlemagne - This is a song that features Charlemagne in one ear, and the Capone in the other. Notice how perfect of a match they are.

- Gorilla 1 - Here is an example of a Tele playing through a Gorilla in a solo. There was a Tim boost pedal pushing the gain a little bit, and the Gorilla takes pedals like no other amp out there!

- Gorilla 2 - This clip shows off what a Tele through a Gorilla sounds like with no other instruments involved. Welcome to heaven.

- Gorilla 3 - Some Gorilla ambient music!

- Stereo Gorilla - This example is what a Stereo Gorilla sounds like when pure beauty is the goal.

- Capone 1 - This is an entire song we wrote centered around this goofy organ we found one day. We recorded a beat from the organ and just had some fun with it. All guitars were from the Capone.

- Abelard and Bismarck - Guitars were all using the Abelard in a crunchy setting and the bass was through a Bismarck.

- Legion 1 - Pure Legion metal!

- Legion 2 - Lets hear some rocking Legion lead tones and rhythm!

- Legion 3 - This is an example of Legion's crunch channel in a rhythm application

- Rembrandt 1 - What does Rembrandt sound like on an acoustic guitar with a Telefunken AK47 mic? Pure bliss!

- Rembrandt 2 - Another example of Rembrandt on an acoustic guitar.

- Rembrandt 3 - All vocals and acoustic guitars were recorded through Rembrandt.

- Rembrandt 4 - All vocals and electric guitars were recorded through Rembrandt.

- Rembrandt 5 - All acoustics were recorded through Rembrandt by Landon Hook.

- Rembrandt 6 - Acoustic guitar and Abelard through Rembrandt

- All tracks were recorded at Hendyamps studios by Chris Henderson.

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John McBride (Owner of Blackbird Studio in Nashville)
and his Rembrandt Mic Pre and Van Gogh Compressor

Dave McNair (Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Ray Vaughan) and his Hendyamps Michelangelo stereo EQ

Drew Womack (Sons of the Desert, Kenny Chesney) and his Mosaic Preamp at his studio in Austin


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Hank Williams (Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Willie Nelson) checking out a Da Vinci at his studio in Nashville

Michael Wagener (Alice Cooper, Metallica, Ozzy) checking out the Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Analog Stage at his studio in Nashville

Dave Stukenberg (Stukenberg Music - Austin) with his Analog Stage and a bunch of Hendyamps studio gear


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Rembrandt and Renoir among good company at
Rocker Studios in Santa Cruz California

John Behrens (The Sound Office - Nashville)
and his Rembrandt Mic Preamp

Planetary Home Studios in Washington boasts a Rembrandt, Da Vinci, a Van Gogh, and two Picasso’s


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Hendyamps taking over Ocean Way Studio A

Part of Jeffery Armstreet’s (Red Tree Recording Studio - Magnolia Texas)
Hendyamps Studio collection. Red Tree features nearlyevery piece of studio gear Hendyamps offers

Hendyamps invading Sonic Pharmacy Studios


All gear (other than current inventory/demo deals) are built to order
Current wait times are a little higher than normal due to the large volume of orders.
Please contact us in order to find current wait time and secure your place in line

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Hendyamps Studio
Rembrandt - Mic Preamp
Mosaic - Channel Strip
Picasso - Channel Strip
Da Vinci - Channel Strip
Van Gogh - Compressor
Michelangelo - Stereo EQ
Pollock - Stereo Compressor
Minion - Stereo Guitar Amp

Hendyamps Amplifiers
Minion - Stereo Guitar Amp
Little Gorilla - 7-10w Guitar Amp
Charlemagne - 20w Guitar Amp
Abelard - 18w Guitar Amp
Capone - 20w Guitar Amp
Legion - 100w Guitar Amp

Hendyamps Media