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All gear (other than current inventory/demo deals) are built to order


Legion - 1 Watt Guitar Amp And Mic Preamp


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Legion exists as the definition of how much gain can be packed into one guitar amp. Driven by three 12ax7's and running to the absolute maximum of their capabilities, Legion not only has an immense amount of gain and distortion on tap, but it also is able to match the tight low end of guitar amp modelers. Just imagine all of the authentic tube harmonics and at a volume that makes it fit perfectly into any studio or live environment, or small apartment!

Add to it a stunning high end Hendyamps Mic Preamp and you have the most unique and versatile piece of gear around!

(Raw and unprocessed - Capone into a V30 with an Sm57)

High Gain Preamp
Legion's high gain circuit is comprised of three 12ax7’s (six gain stages) and pushes out an immense amount of distortion - it is downright bone-crushing! When precision is needed, there is a Tight switch that will greatly tighten up the bass response of the distortion. In fact, this amp is one of the most precise, responsive amps on the market today.
The tonestack is based upon a basic Bass, Mid, and High style, but also includes a mid shape control knob that greatly alters the amount of low mids within the tonestack. As well, there is a switch that allows for the character of the highs and high mids to be shifted dramatically. Presence and Air controls are included for further fine-tuning the overall sound of the high gain channel.

Power Amp
Legion utilizes a 12at7 as its output tube which offers a robust response, allowing the master volume to be at 100% without any sonic issues whatsoever. At low volumes or at full tilt, Legion sounds the same and you will not believe how good that is!
This power amp allows you to access incredible tones at bedroom volume, making it absolutely perfect for studios of all sizes as well as live environments. Bring your studio amp on the road with you!

Mic Preamp
Every 1w amp Hendyamps offers (except Minion) comes with a full studio mic preamp, driven by a unique high voltage Mosfet. Running on over 400v, and being fully transformer balanced (High end Jensens in and out), you are getting incredible value for the price. Each preamp is independent of the guitar amp, has a Pad, and full phantom power available, making this a must have for every studio and guitarist!

**Included Features**
- 1/4" in and out
- 1 watt guitar amp
- Gain
- Trim
- Low, Mid, High, Mid Sweep, Air, Presence
- Tight switch
- High Shift switch
- Preamp driven by three 12ax7 tubes
- Poweramp driven by 12at7 tube
- Mosfet studio mic preamp
XLR in and out
- Pad
- 48v
- Jensen transformer in and out
- Oversized power supply
- Rugged steel chassis

Legion Ordering

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**For modifications/custom design, please contact us


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John McBride (Owner of Blackbird Studio in Nashville)
and his Rembrandt Mic Pre and Van Gogh Compressor

Dave McNair (Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Ray Vaughan) and his Hendyamps Michelangelo stereo EQ

Drew Womack (Sons of the Desert, Kenny Chesney) and his Mosaic Preamp at his studio in Austin

Hendyamps taking over Ocean Way Studio A

Part of Jeffery Armstreet’s (Red Tree Recording Studio - Magnolia Texas)
Hendyamps Studio collection. Red Tree features nearlyevery piece of studio gear Hendyamps offers

Hendyamps invading Sonic Pharmacy Studios


All gear (other than current inventory/demo deals) are built to order
Current wait times are a little higher than normal due to the large volume of orders.
Please contact us in order to find current wait time and secure your place in line

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