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Legion exists as a seeming contradiction. When the rest of the amp world says you can either have a great clean channel or a great metal channel, but never both - Legion stands as the exception to this rule. Its clean channel is 100 watts of pure sonic bliss, and yet its high gain channel is downright stunning. Totaling 9 tubes, this is the last metal amp you will ever need!

Channel 1
The first channel is a single EF806 with a tone control that is really a bass roll-off, allowing you to dial in more or less bass, and at the same time, more or less gain. It really is an odd control, but even the first time you test it out, it will quickly become clear how it works and the versatility it brings (single coil guitars benefit from the tone knob down while humbuckers work well with the tone control somewhere around 9 o’clock where the bass is a bit tighter). This is very close to the first channel from the Capone, providing a very rich and full sound.

You also have the choice to substitute a 12ax7 based preamp with Gain, High, and Low controls if you wish. This preamp is very close to the second channel from the Capone and offers a more chimey, scooped sound.

With either option, you can go from pristine cleans, to crunchy, boutique distortion that would make the most ardent purist drool!

Channel 2
The second channel is comprised of three 12ax7’s (six gain stages) and pushes out an immense amount of distortion - it is downright bone-crushing! When precision is needed, there is a Tight switch that will greatly tighten up the bass response of the distortion. In fact, this amp is one of the most precise, responsive amps on the market today.
The tonestack is based upon a basic Bass, Mid, and High style, but also includes a mid shape control knob that greatly alters the amount of low mids within the tonestack. As well, there is a switch that allows for the character of the highs and high mids to be shifted dramatically. A Presence control is included in this channel for fine-tuning the overall sound of the high gain channel.

Power Amp
Legion’s power amp is comprised of four EL34’s pushing a full 100 watts. When cranked, Legion’s power is nothing short of stunning. Surprisingly, there is no negative feedback used in the power amp portion of this amp, allowing for an extreme amount of touch sensitivity that simply is not available in other high gain amps.

There is not another amp available today that does what Legion does!
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**Included Features**

- Solid State Rectifier
- 100w or 50w (EL34's)
- One or Two Channels
- Channel 1 - One EF806 or 12ax7
- Channel 2 - Three 12ax7's
- Phase Inverter - 12ax7
- Footswitch for Channel Switching
- All Tube Design
- Push-Pull Design
- Head Only
- Hand-wired, point-to-point construction

Standard Price: $2,100

10% Deposit
90% When completed
(Plus international shipping and import duties)

**Options below are included in the price
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Clean Channel Options
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