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Mosaic - Channel Strip
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There are a large number of channel Strips on the market today, but none of them will do what Mosaic can do. When you want the best, Mosaic is the only choice.

Housed in a 5U rack unit, Mosaic offers an unprecedented combination of quality and versatility. This one channel mic preamp is all tube (except for the Warhol preamp), all hand-wired, Class A, and discrete, but what sets this preamp apart is the fact that it is actually four different, complete preamps in one unit, with the ability to engage any of them as desired. In fact, each preamp, being comprised of two main stages, is able to be mixed and matched in any combination desired...yes that means you can choose between 16 different preamp circuit combinations!

The Mosaic includes the EQ found in the Picasso, adding a significant amount of mojo to any source! Read more about it here

The Mosaic also contains the compressor section of the Van Gogh, including both optical compressors and the vintage limiter/distortion generator. Read more about it here

Position 1 = Rembrandt Mic Preamp
(Extremely detailed and quick transient response. The most natural and versatile preamp Hendyamps offers)

Position 2 = Renoir Mic Preamp
(The most aggressive preamp on the market, lots of punch and aggression, and when needed, distortion)

Position 3 = Caravaggio Mic Preamp (Only found in Mosaic)
(Pure vintage tone, characterized by a darker, beefier tone and response)

Position 4 = Warhol Mic Preamp
(A one of a kind, Hendyamps solid state preamp using Mosfets and running them at extremely high voltages - Well over 350v! The sound is shockingly rich, with extended detail, highs and lows that just are not found in other gear on the market)

Each preamp has its own characteristics and sound, offering a wide variety of tonal options, especially when the different stages in the preamps are able to be mixed and matched (16 options total). As well, each preamp has its own controls that become live when the different sections are selected.

Never before has there been a preamp that has offered this much power and tone!

Price: $5,000

10% Deposit
90% When completed
(Plus international shipping and import duties)

Faceplate Color
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**Included Features**

- Phase Reverse Switch
- 48v Phantom Power Switch
- XLR In and Out
- 1/4” DI Input
- Pad Switch preamp
- Low cut control
- DI
- Gain and Trim controls for each preamp
- One EF806, one 12at7, and three 12ax7’s
- Jensen Transformers in and out
- All Hand-Wired construction
- Rugged, etched metal faceplate


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Rembrandt - Mic Preamp
Mosaic - Channel Strip
Picasso - Channel Strip
Da Vinci - Channel Strip
Van Gogh - Compressor
Michelangelo - Stereo EQ
Pollock - Stereo Compressor

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