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Rembrandt - Mic Preamp


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Housed in a 2U rack unit, the Rembrandt is centered around the EF806 pentode tube, which provides some of the most sonically pleasing amplification available. The signal first enters the preamp by passing through an ultra high fidelity Jensen transformer, and from there moves to the EF806, followed by a 12au7. The signal exits the Rembrandt by passing through another ultra high fidelity Jensen output transformer. The entire preamp is discrete, single ended, and Class A in design, causing it to handle transients and the full range of frequencies in a way that few preamps are able to accomplish.

Regarding the control features, the Rembrandt offers a very unique and extraordinarily versatile set of tools at the user’s disposal:

- The LOW CUT control allows the user to select six different positions, from zero bass cut to a max cut for all frequencies below 1k hz. This feature is essential in tweaking the preamp for a variety of sources and conditions.

- The GAIN control does not technically set the gain of the amplification stage, but instead, sets the amount of negative feedback used for the channel. The more negative feedback selected, the quieter the volume is, but also the more linear and neutral the sound becomes. Selecting the position that allows for the most volume actually bypasses the negative feedback loop and offers the most pure, harmonically rich amplification the preamp has to offer. A good way to think about this control is like a “Variable Pad”, though it does more than just pad the signal.

- The BOOST switch, allows the user to increase gain, alter the response of the EF806, and let the preamp run wild!

- The TRIM control is actually closer to a standard Gain control, but does act as a master volume in this particular circuit. This control allows you to set the amount of negative feedback to taste, then control the output volume in order to not overdrive the output signal.

With these controls, the Rembrandt can go from an extremely linear and controlled preamp to an out of control gain monster. It can be neutral or colored, clean or dirty, and shines in any application. It is a force to be reckoned with!

**Included Features**
- Phase Reverse
- 48v Phantom Power
- XLR In and Out
- DI Input
- Six Position Low Cut Switch
- Gain Boost Switch
- Gain Knob
- Trim Knob
- Two EF806's and One 12au7
- Jensen Transformers
- All Hand-Wired construction
- Rugged, etched metal faceplate

Rembrandt Ordering

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Faceplate Color
Knob Color
Special Instructions

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John McBride (Owner of Blackbird Studio in Nashville)
and his Rembrandt Mic Pre and Van Gogh Compressor

Dave McNair (Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Ray Vaughan) and his Hendyamps Michelangelo stereo EQ

Drew Womack (Sons of the Desert, Kenny Chesney) and his Mosaic Preamp at his studio in Austin


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Hank Williams (Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Willie Nelson) checking out a Da Vinci at his studio in Nashville

Michael Wagener (Alice Cooper, Metallica, Ozzy) checking out the Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Analog Stage at his studio in Nashville

Dave Stukenberg (Stukenberg Music - Austin) with his Analog Stage and a bunch of Hendyamps studio gear


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Rembrandt and Renoir among good company at
Rocker Studios in Santa Cruz California

John Behrens (The Sound Office - Nashville)
and his Rembrandt Mic Preamp

Planetary Home Studios in Washington boasts a Rembrandt, Da Vinci, a Van Gogh, and two Picasso’s


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Hendyamps taking over Ocean Way Studio A

Part of Jeffery Armstreet’s (Red Tree Recording Studio - Magnolia Texas)
Hendyamps Studio collection. Red Tree features nearlyevery piece of studio gear Hendyamps offers

Hendyamps invading Sonic Pharmacy Studios


All gear (other than current inventory/demo deals) are built to order
Current wait times are a little higher than normal due to the large volume of orders.
Please contact us in order to find current wait time and secure your place in line

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Hendyamps Studio
Rembrandt - Mic Preamp
Mosaic - Channel Strip
Picasso - Channel Strip
Da Vinci - Channel Strip
Van Gogh - Compressor
Michelangelo - Stereo EQ
Pollock - Stereo Compressor
Minion - Stereo Guitar Amp

Hendyamps Amplifiers
Minion - Stereo Guitar Amp
Little Gorilla - 7-10w Guitar Amp
Charlemagne - 20w Guitar Amp
Abelard - 18w Guitar Amp
Capone - 20w Guitar Amp
Legion - 100w Guitar Amp

Hendyamps Media