Crunch, Tone, Unique

The Abelard was designed to be the perfect combination of versatility and simplicity.  It was intended to cover a wide range of clean and dirty tones with ease, going from tame to a raging monster with a simple turn of the Gain knob, making it perfect for a large number of musical applications.  At only 1 watt of pure Class A, single ended power, Abelard will astound you with just how much musical territory it can cover with minimal effort!


Abelard's preamp is in many ways backwards in its orientation for instead of working through multiple gain stages before hitting a tone stack (EQ) section, it actually places the EQ section early in the circuit, with the gain stages following.  This arrangement actually gives you an incredible amount of control over the amp and the nature of its sonic response as well as its overdrive characteristics.  Want more gain and need to tighten up the low end?  Roll off the lows and bring up the mids.  Want lots of bass and clean chime?  Pull the mids and gain down, and bass and treble up.  Once you wrap your mind around the endless possibilities of this preamp it becomes hard to live without!

Power Amp

The Abelard's power amp centers around the 12ax7 tube which has the richest harmonics of any other 12a_7 type.  The single 12ax7 can be pushed to the limit, giving a classic mid heavy roar, but it can also provide a very detailed and stunningly three-dimensional response.  For other tonal variations you can swap the 12ax7 out for a 12au7 or 12at7.

This power amp allows you to access incredible tones at bedroom volume, making it absolutely perfect for studios of all sizes as well as live environments.  Bring your studio amp on the road with you!

Mic Preamp

Every 1w amp Hendyamps offers (except Minion) comes with a full studio mic preamp, driven by a unique high voltage Mosfet.  Running on over 400v, and being fully transformer balanced (High end Jensens in and out), you are getting incredible value for the price.  Each preamp is independent of the guitar amp, has a Pad, and full phantom power available, making this a must have for every studio and guitarist!

Included Features

- 1/4" in and out

- 1 watt guitar amp

- Gain

- Trim

- Low, Mid, High

- Preamp driven by two 12ax7 tubes

- Poweramp driven by 12at7 tube

- Mosfet studio mic preamp

XLR in and out

- Pad

- 48v

- Jensen transformer in and out

- Oversized power supply

- Rugged steel chassis

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Abelard full demo

Multiple 1w Guitar Amp Demo

Multiple Guitar Amps In One Song