Modern, Articulation, Punch

The Charlemagne offers the most glassy, most pristine and rich clean guitar tone possible, and yet, when driven hard, this amp has the ability to overdrive in a way that is unlike any amp on the market.  What does a harmonically dense and lush overdrive sound like?  Charlemagne will show you!


The preamp of this amp runs three 12ax7’s in a very unique way that combines stacking cathode followers with one of the most versatile EQ’s ever placed in a guitar amp.  Using the gain control to manipulate the level of volume and saturation, this preamp allows for a substantial amount of clean headroom, but also is able to be pushed into overdrive quite naturally.  The EQ provides controls for Lows, Mids, and Highs, but also includes a control (Mid Shift) that allows the user to manipulate the entire shape of the EQ, providing for an infinite amount of options.  If that were not enough, there is also a switch that allows the user to retain pristine clarity in the high frequencies, or cut out the highest frequencies, as well as a control that cuts as much of the low frequencies out of the signal as desired.  With these options, this amp can easily conform to any combination of guitar, pickups, and pedals with ease.

Power Amp

The Charlemagne's power amp centers around the 12au7 tube which gives it an incredible amount of clarity and chime.  This power amp allows you to access incredible tones at bedroom volume, making it absolutely perfect for studios of all sizes as well as live environments.  Bring your studio amp on the road with you!

Mic Preamp

Every 1w amp Hendyamps offers (except Minion) comes with a full studio mic preamp, driven by a unique high voltage Mosfet.  Running on over 400v, and being fully transformer balanced (High end Jensens in and out), you are getting incredible value for the price.  Each preamp is independent of the guitar amp, has a Pad, and full phantom power available, making this a must have for every studio and guitarist!

Included Features

- 1/4" in and out

- 1 watt guitar amp

- Gain

- Trim

- Low, Mid, High, Low Cut, Mid Sweep

- Preamp driven by three 12ax7 tubes

- Poweramp driven by 12at7 tube

- Mosfet studio mic preamp

XLR in and out

- Pad

- 48v

- Jensen transformer in and out

- Oversized power supply

- Rugged steel chassis

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Charlemagne full demo

Charlemagne Teaser Demo


Charlemagne compared to other Hendyamps