Hendyamps Studios

Professional, Quality, Experience

Hendyamps Studios is a one of a kind studio where time and space seem to stand still.  It is a place where the pressures and limitations of the real world disappear and creativity and tonal bliss thrive, culminating in musical production that is unmatched anywhere else in the world.  This is partly do to the fact that Landon Hook (Studio Manager and Lead Engineer/Producer) and Chris Henderson (Owner and Engineer/Producer) are obsessed with tone, production quality and detail, but also due to the fact that the studio is outfitted with an immense amount of high end custom gear, much of which has been designed and built by Chris for Hendyamps.  

In what other studio will you experience your engineers tweaking a circuit of a piece of gear in order to get the perfect sound?  In what other studio will the engineers and producers have the technical expertise to pair up gear with musicians based upon immense technical knowledge and experience down to even, for example,  the type of capacitors used in the input or output stage of a preamp circuit?

If your next project needs the absolute best results, with zero compromises, then Hendyamps Studios is the clear choice.

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- Mixing

- Mastering

- Video Production

Artists/Labels Include: Tucker Beathard, Sunny Sweeney, Jeff Hyde, Travis Meadows, BMG, Warner, Netflix, Sony, and many more.

Studio Gear



Amphion Speakers

JBL Speakers

Audeze Headphones

Forssell Converters

Apogee Converters

Antelope Converters

Crane Song Monitoring

(32 AD/DA Channels Available)



Hendyamps Custom Mosfet C12 LDC

Hendyamps Custom Solid State LDC (x4)

Hendyamps Custom Tube LDC

Hendyamps Custom SDC

Telefunken Tube LDC

Lauten Atlantis

Royer Ribbon Mic

Mojave Tube LDC (x2)

Blue Baby Bottle LDC

Blue E200

EV ND868

Senheiser 421

Shure SM7 (x3)

Shure SM57 (x4)

Shure SM58

Shure Beta 87a (x3)

Shure SM81 (x3)

Shure Beta 52a

Shure Beta 58 (x3)

Shure Bets 57

AKG D112


Mic Preamps

Hendyamps Warhol (12 channels)

Hendyamps Rembrandt (8 channels)

Hendyamps Picasso (4 Channels)

Hendyamps Da Vinci (3 channels)

Hendyamps Mosaic (2 channels)

Hendyamps Mixing Board (8 channels)

Hendyamps Various Custom Preamps

Universal Audio 110



Hendyamps Michelangelo Tube EQ (x3)

Hendyamps Michelangelo Solid State EQ (x2)

Hendyamps Pollock Tube Compressor

Hendyamps Pollock Solid State Compressor

Hendyamps Van Gogh Optical Compressor

Hendyamps Newman 8 Ch. Mixer

Hendyamps Analog Stage

Empirical Labs Distressor

Universal Audio 1176

Neve Portico 5043

SSL Stereo Bus Compressor (x2)

LA2A Optical Compressor

DBX 160a

Safe Sound Audio Bus Compressor


Amps, Cabs, and Pedals

Hendyamps Minion Guitar Amp (1 watt)

Hendyamps Capone Guitar Amp (1 watt)

Hendyamps Capone Guitar Amp in Vintage RCA Victor Tube Radio 1x12 (20 watts)

Hendyamps Charlemagne Guitar Amp x2 (1 watt and 30 watts)

Hendyamps Abelard Guitar Amp x3 (1 watt, 18 watts, and 30 watts)

Hendyamps Little Gorilla x3 (6 watts, 10 watts, and modded 10 watts)

Hendyamps Legion x2 (1 watt and 100 watts)

Hendyamps St. Nick (50 watts)

Hendyamps Apocalypto (100 watts)

Various Hendyamps one-off custom guitar amps

Mesa Boogie Bass Head

1x12 Cab with Celestion V30 x2

1x12 Cab with Warehouse Guitar Speakers Retro 30

2x12 Cab with V30 and Retro 30 (stereo)

Custom 112x115 with tweeter Atlas Bass Cabinet

2x12 Avatar Bass cab with tweater

Eventide Delay Pedal

El Capistan Tape Delay Pedal

Aguilar Tone Hammer Pedal

Dr Scientist Distortion Pedal

Hendyamps Custom EQ, Compression, and Crunch Bass Pedals

Various Boost, Wah, Phaser, Tremelo, and Compression Pedals.



Custom Fender Tele with Kinmen Pickups

Custom Fender Strat with Zebrawood Neck and Rio Grande Pickups

Vintage 1960's Welson Italian Hallow body electric guitar with original pickups

Gibson Les Paul Studio Custom

PRS Johnny Hiland Signature

Custom Electric Guitar with Bareknuckle pickups

Schecter with EMG pickups

Taylor Custom Acoustic Guitar

Seagull Artist Series Acoustic Guitar

Lakland 5 String Bass Guitar

Fender P-Bass



A&F Field Drum Kit (Kick and three toms)

A&F Raw Brass Snare

Tama Snom

Custom Wood Snare

Kerope 22” Ride/Crash

Zildjin 15” Sweet hats

Zildjin 17” K Dark crash

Zildjin 20” K Special Custom dry crash

Custom 20” Crash

Istanbul Agop 20” signature crash



Moog Sub 37

Analogue Korg Synth/Vocoder

Vintage Upright Piano 

Rhodes Mark II Vintage Electric Piano

Roland Drum Machine