Little Gorilla

Responsive, Articulation, Raw

The loudest of Hendyamps guitar amps packs a pretty massive punch!  The Little Gorilla is a pure class A amp rated at 10 watts, but the power and output transformers are grossly over-spec’d (output transformer is rated for up to 15 watts) so don’t be surprised when you crank this thing up and start rattling the walls!

The power section of this amp is centered around a solid state rectifier, with filter caps and resistors carefully chosen to retain a robust and uncompromising feel, giving it significant punch.

The preamp section is comprised of an EF806 with a tone control that is really a bass rolloff, allowing you to dial in more or less bass, and at the same time, more or less gain.  It really is an odd control, but even the first time you test it out, it will quickly become clear how it works and the versatility it brings (single coil guitars benefit from the tone knob down while humbuckers work well with the tone control somewhere around 9 o’clock where the bass is a bit tighter).

From the EF806, the signal travels into the power section (a single KT77) for some serious volume and tonal bliss.  As you turn the volume knob up, the EF806 begins to overdrive, simultaneously pushing the KT77 to the point of breakup - A beautiful combination!

Mic Preamp

Every 1-10w amp Hendyamps offers (except Minion) comes with a full studio mic preamp, driven by a unique high voltage Mosfet.  Running on over 400v, and being fully transformer balanced (High end Jensens in and out), you are getting incredible value for the price.  Each preamp is independent of the guitar amp, has a Pad, and full phantom power available, making this a must have for every studio and guitarist!

Included Features

- 1/4" in and out

- 1 watt guitar amp

- Low Cut

- Gain

- Bright Switch

- Preamp driven by an EF806

- Poweramp driven by a KT77

- Mosfet studio mic preamp XLR in and out

- Pad

- 48v

- Jensen transformer in and out

- Oversized power supply

- Rugged steel chassis

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