Michelangelo - Solid State Mono

Modern Punchy Tone

So how is the tube Michelangelo different from the solid state version?  Whereas the tube version is lush, harmonically complex and thick sounding, the solid state version is all about punch and articulation.  Designed around high voltage Mosfets (350+ volts!), this version of the Michelangelo is aggressive, versatile, and is the ultimate mixing tool for any source.  


This version of the Michelangelo combines the Calibration and Aggression controls into a single knob in order to maximize versatility and ease.


The Michelangelo keeps the basic layout of EQ controls from the tube version including: Low, Low Shift, Mid, Mid Shift, High, High Shift, Air, and Air Shift.  Each band is designed to maximize its usefulness in a tracking and mixing context whereas the tube version is maximized for a stereo bus/master bus application.


Vintage mode is retained in this version as well which is intended to alter the overall sound and feel of the High and Air controls.  


The Trim control now works in conjunction with the Calibration control for an easy way to drive the input and output as desired.  For a typical starting point, the solid state Michelangelo is at its most neutral/clean setting when all knobs are at 50% (including Calibration and Trim) and all switches are down (note that this is not true for the stereo tube version where Aggression should be at 0% and Trim at 100%). 

Included Features

- Mono Solid State Design

- High Voltage Mosfet Gain

- Controls for Low, Mid, High, and Air

- Calibration (Gain) Control

- Low Shift

- Mid Shift Switch

- High Shift Switch

- Vintage or Modern Mode

- Jensen Transformers in and out

- All hand-wired construction

- Rugged, etched metal faceplate

- Designed and built in the USA



Michelangelo - Solid State Mono Demo