Ultimate Tone and Options

Mosaic is a four channel unit consisting of a preamp, EQ, and compressor on each channel, all of which are housed in a 2u rack unit. But that is not all, you actually get to choose between two different preamps for each of the slots and you also get to choose if you want to replace the EQ control with a DI for each of the channels. This means Mosaic is the most insanely versatile and customizable unit on the market today, able to meet the needs of any tracking or mixing engineer!


Each channel on the Mosaic can be centered around the Rembrandt v2 tube preamp or the Warhol solid state MOSFET preamp, each with radically different tones and response characteristics.

- Rembrandt v2 is centered around the EF806 (EF86) and 12au7 tubes, combining pentode and triode sounds for the most lush, harmonically rich and massive sound possible. Intended as a desert island preamp with immense detail and a larger than life sound, Rembrandt is like nothing you have ever heard.

- Warhol is a solid state preamp that is nothing like a solid state preamp! This monster is actually an exotic high voltage MOSFET running on 400v of power! Warhol has an immense amount of gain on tap and can overdrive like a tube when you really want to hit it hard, making this one of the most fascinating preamps out there. How does it sound? Like a record! It simply has a polished sound that is quite flattering and massive on literally every source!


EQ's can come in all sizes and forms, but what if you had an EQ so powerful, easy and quick to use that even in hectic tracking sessions, trying to find the right sound took less than 10 seconds? Well that is what this EQ does. It is best described as a type of a tilt based EQ but with a light dip in the low mid range - You know, the range that nearly every mix engineer needs to drop in order to avoid a muddy sound. This simple control packs a much bigger punch on every source than you would expect!

Note that there is an EQ bypass switch available in order to disengage it when needed.


You have the option of choosing to have a DI instead of an EQ on any channel you wish - Just specify when you order.


Each channel comes with an opto compressor, a Compression control and a Style switch. The Compression control simply applies more compression as you turn it up and Style switches the compressor from standard to de-ess mode.

This is the same compressor that is in the Pollock (Smooth Mode) and it sounds fantastic on a wide range of sources.

Included Features

- 48v Phantom Power Switch

- XLR In and Out

- 1/4” DI Input Available

- Pad Switch

- EQ

- Optical Compressor with Shape switch

- One EF806 and one 12au7 (Rembrandt Preamp)

- Mosfet based preamp (Warhol)

- Jensen Transformers in and out

- All Hand-Wired construction

- Rugged, etched metal faceplate


Mosaic is available in a large variety of configurations with channel count, EQ/DI arrangement, and types of preamps all being customizable.  As well, single channels can be purchased individually in the future to be added to an already purchased Mosaic.

Please contact us for questions and/or more details/pricing



Full demo of Mosaic with Rembrandt v2 and Warhol preamps

Song recorded using Warhol and Rembrandt (Mosaic) preamps

Song recorded using Warhol, Picasso, and Rembrandt (Mosaic) preamps


Song recorded using Rembrandt (Mosaic), Picasso, and Da Vinci preamps

Warhol, Picasso and Rembrandt preamps 

Warhol, Picasso and Rembrandt preamps

Warhol, Picasso, and Rembrandt preamps