Ultimate Rule the World Tone

Picasso is an altogether different kind of channel strip. This all tube, single channel design actually takes the Monet preamp seen in the Hendyamps Mosaic, and redesigns the preamp in such a way that an original EQ and optical compressor becomes part of the preamp itself. This new design philosophy produces an EQ and compressor that not only shapes the tone and dynamics of the preamp, but also shapes the entire feel and response in a way that is simply not possible in conventional designs.

How do you describe Picasso's sound? Glassy sonic beauty!

The EQ can best be described as broad and harmonically rich, and there is enough gain in this preamp to add a significant amount of drive when desired!

The GAIN knob sets the overall drive for the rest of the circuit, taking the Picasso from clean to crunchy at will. It is a 6-position rotary switch that doubles as a variable Pad in positions 1-4. In position 5 it employs a circuit with no negative feedback loops, and in position 6 (12 o’clock on the dial) you have a strong, raw, boosted signal to work with. The standard position to run the Picasso is position 5, and you can work your way up or down as needed/desired.

The TRIM knob sets the output level of the Picasso, allowing the user to drive the unit hard without clipping any hardware following the Picasso.

The LOW (LOW SHIFT), MID (MID SHIFT), HIGH (HIGH SHIFT), and AIR controls allow the user to manipulate the basic EQ controls. This EQ has been specifically designed to be very easy to use and covers a significant amount of territory during tracking or mixing. Note that you have the same EQ section as the Hendyamps Michelangelo stereo EQ!

The HiZ/LoZ switch is also from the Michelangelo, allowing for the manipulation of the output impedance of the Picasso. LoZ is the smoothest and cleanest setting while HiZ forces the Picasso to be driven harder, producing a more colored tone.

The COMPRESSOR is an optical circuit that is taken from the Hendyamps Pollock compressor (the “Smooth” setting). When engaged, the compressor can be set to taste with a STYLE switch allowing you to shape the overall compression characteristics from smooth to aggressive. Note that in aggressive mode, the compressor will also exhibit a natural de-essing function that is incredibly effective and musical. This compressor can be absolutely transparent, or extremely colored depending on how it is employed. There really isn’t another one like it!

There is an LED to indicate the amount of compression and another one to indicate output volume on the front of Picasso. Note that when in aggressive compression mode, the LED will not be as bright as in smooth mode as a result of the inherent characteristics of the circuit. The indicator LED is more for compression reference and your ears should be your guide for sonic results.

The Picasso actually has parallel inputs and outputs, meaning even though it is one channel, you can run two mics summing into one channel and can also send two identical outputs wherever you like.

Included Features

- Phase Reverse

- 48v Phantom Power

- Six Position Gain Switch

- Two 12ax7 tubes

- XLR In and Out

- Mic In and Line Out

- Full Michelangelo EQ

- Pollock compressor in Smooth mode

- Trim Control

- All Hand-Wired construction

- Rugged, etched metal faceplate

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Song recorded using Picasso and Rembrandt (Mosaic) preamps

Song recorded using Warhol, Picasso, and Rembrandt (Mosaic) preamps


Song recorded using Rembrandt (Mosaic), Picasso, and Da Vinci preamps

Warhol, Picasso and Rembrandt preamps 

Warhol, Picasso and Rembrandt preamps

Warhol, Picasso, and Rembrandt preamps