Pollock - Solid State Mono

Unique, Versatile, and Punchy

So how is the tube Pollock different from the solid state version?  Whereas the tube version is lush, harmonically complex and thick sounding, the solid state version is all about punch and articulation.  Designed around high voltage Mosfets (350+ volts!), this version of the Pollock is aggressive, versatile, and is the ultimate mixing tool for any source.  


This version of the Pollock retains the same basic functionality of the Calibration control but makes it easier to drive the Pollock to taste in conjunction with the Output control (output volume).


The Pollock has the unique ability to apply compression to the full sonic range of a track, or only apply it to the higher frequencies (your choice between 3k and up or 10k and up) in a way that acts as a smooth de-esser for troublesome sources.


Pollock is also able too offer a sidechain at around 500hz, allowing you to remove unwanted lows from the triggering circuit.  This can result in a very smooth compression application when desired.

As well, Pollock offers an Air boost in order to provide a little extra boost to make up for moderate to heavy compression.


As you increase the Compression knob level you will also increase the compression amount.  However, the amount of this compression that is applied is dependent on the Dry/Wet knob, but in an odd way.  Instead of blending the wet and dry signals, this control allows the compression to react normally but sets the max amount of compression that is applied.  As well, there is an option to engage Aggressive mode which acts as a super punchy and bold compressor, colored and massive sounding.  As a contrast to Aggressive mode, Smooth mode is characterized by incredible transparency and signal enhancement, even under heavy compression.

The result is a compressor that can adapt to any source and produce outstanding results.


The Output control now works in conjunction with the Calibration control for an easy way to drive the input and output as desired.  For a typical starting point, the solid state Pollock is at its most neutral/clean setting when Calibration and Output are at 50%.

Included Features

- Mono Solid State Design
- High Voltage Mosfet Gain
- Controls for Calibration, Output Level, Compression, Style, and Color
- Calibration (Gain) Control
- Sidechain Switch (500hz)
- Air Boost Switch
- De-Ess Options (Color Switches)

- Dry/Wet Control

- Compression VU Meter
- Jensen Transformers in and out
- All hand-wired construction
- Rugged, etched metal faceplate
- Designed and built in the USA