Versatile, Punchy, Articulate

Warhol  is a two channel unit consisting of a solid state preamp, EQ, and  compressor on each channel - All housed in a 1u rack unit.  Conceived as  a small but powerful tool in the tracking engineer's arsenal, Warhol  offers incredible versatility and beautiful tone!

Wait,  Hendyamps is building something other than tube based gear?  Yes!   However, this particular preamp uses a high voltage Mosfet that is  running off of 400v, just like a tube, and the gain on tap is immense!   What is more is that the tone is glorious as it has the ability to  simply make the source material simply around like a record.  This  circuit somehow adds a shine in such a way that you get a glimpse of how  a source will sound finalized in a mix, but while in the tracking  phase.  Mixing is a joy when your tracks already sound spectacular!

EQ's  can come in all sizes and forms, but what if you had an EQ so powerful,  easy and quick to use that even in hectic tracking sessions, trying to  find the right sound took less than 10 seconds?  Well that is what this  EQ does.  It is best described as a type of a tilt based EQ but with a  light dip in the low mid range - You know, the range that nearly every  mix engineer needs to drop in order to avoid a muddy sound.  This simple  control packs a much bigger punch on every source than you would  expect!
Note that there is an EQ bypass switch available in order to disengage it when needed.

You have the option of choosing to have a DI instead of an EQ on any channel you wish - Just specify when you order.

Each  channel comes with an opto compressor, a Compression control and a  Style switch.  The Compression control simply applies more compression  as you turn it up and Style switches the compressor from standard to  de-ess mode.
This is the same compressor that is in the Pollock (Smooth Mode) and it sounds fantastic on a wide range of sources.

Included Features

- 48v Phantom Power Switch

- XLR In and Out

- 1/4” DI Input Available

- Pad Switch

- EQ

- Optical Compressor with Shape switch

- Mosfet based preamp

- Jensen Transformers in and out

- All Hand-Wired construction

- Rugged, etched metal faceplate



Warhol channel demo installed in Mosaic

Song recorded using Warhol and Rembrandt (Mosaic) Preamps

Song recorded using Warhol, Picasso, and Rembrandt (Mosaic) Preamps

Warhol, Picasso and Rembrandt Preamps 

Warhol, Picasso and Rembrandt Preamps

Warhol, Picasso, and Rembrandt Preamps