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Hendyamps is simply about one thing - Tone! Now, as it turns out, that includes a whole host of other things, namely: Quality, ingenuity, creativity, and versatility. Hendyamps was founded as a reaction to the fact that much of the tube gear on the market today fails to satisfy the needs of true discerning musicians and recording engineers.

What sets this gear apart from what is currently on the market? The fact that everything is hand-built in the USA, no corners are cut, and nearly everything is customizable. From the beginning, you will be in contact with Chris himself, answering all of your questions promptly, and even emailing or texting you pictures of your gear as it is being assembled. After your purchase is complete, you can rest easy, for Hendyamps is committed to making sure all of its clients are 100% satisfied customers for life. You will not find this level of service and purchasing experience anywhere else!

“As someone who has grown up around music, playing multiple instruments in various bands, running live sound, and being a professional recording engineer, I have an ear that is especially tuned for the needs of a discerning musician as well as the precision needed for the studio.”

- Chris Henderson (Founder and owner of Hendyamps)


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John McBride (Owner of Blackbird Studio in Nashville)
and his Rembrandt Mic Pre and Van Gogh Compressor

Dave McNair (Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Ray Vaughan) and his Hendyamps Michelangelo stereo EQ

Drew Womack (Sons of the Desert, Kenny Chesney) and his Mosaic Preamp at his studio in Austin


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Bob Boyd (Nothing More, Matt Redman, Avril Lavigne, Our Lady Peace, Chris Tomlin) and his Michelangelo EQ

Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, Yes, Yngwie Malmsteen, Starset, Dokken) and his Michelangelo EQ


All gear (other than current inventory/demo deals) are built to order
Current wait times are a little higher than normal due to the large volume of orders.
Please contact us in order to find current wait time and secure your place in line

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Hendyamps Studio
Rembrandt - Mic Preamp
Mosaic - Channel Strip
Picasso - Channel Strip
Da Vinci - Channel Strip
Van Gogh - Compressor
Michelangelo - Stereo EQ
Pollock - Stereo Compressor
Minion - Stereo Guitar Amp

Hendyamps Amplifiers
Minion - Stereo Guitar Amp
Little Gorilla - 7-10w Guitar Amp
Charlemagne - 20w Guitar Amp
Abelard - 18w Guitar Amp
Capone - 20w Guitar Amp
Legion - 100w Guitar Amp

Hendyamps Media